Toppage How To Order

How To Order

Please read the following descriptions


Do not pay ahead. We will estimate first

How to request for estimate

If you find the goods on your own, please instruct accurately like “I want to buy this!” Please send it by the contact form below. We will send you an estimate by return.

Proxy Shopping Fees

Please pay if you are satisfied with the estimate.

How to pay

We’ll send a PayPal invoice to your email address. Please pay in accordance with the instructions of the invoice. Even without a PayPal account, you can pay by your credit card.
If we can not purchase after the payment just in case, we will refund you the full amount.


  • RESERVATION SALES, LIMITED EDITION can not be proxy purchased
  • We do not sell TRAVEL
  • Complex application business, etc. we will estimate specially
  • We refuse to buy if the proxy purchase is found to impossible. Of course it does not charge any price that case
  • Exports of automotive products will specially estimate
  • Please contact directly the seller if you want to return / refund of the goods you purchased
  • If you wish for proxy of the return / refund, require a separate proxy fee